I had earlier posted my code in a previous question, but I am reposting my code here:

q := 1.6*10^-19; (* Electron charge in Coulomb *)
me := 9.1*10^-31; (* Free electron rest mass in kg *)
h := 6.63/(2*\[Pi])*10^-34;  (* Reduced Planck's constant in J.s *)
kb := 1.38*10^-23; (* Boltzmann constant in J/K *)

FD[d_, \[Eta]_] := -PolyLog[d + 1, -E^\[Eta]];(* Defining the Fermi-Dirac integrals *)

Nc[d_, gs_, gv_, meff_, T_] := gs*gv*((2*\[Pi]*meff*me*kb*T)/h^2)^(d/2);  (* Effective band-edge DOS in d dimensions *)

n[d_, gs_, gv_, meff_, T_, \[Eta]F_] := Nc[d, gs, gv, meff, T]*FD[(d - 2)/2, \[Eta]F]; 

\[Eta]S[d_, gs_, gv_, meff_, T_, v_, nd_] := 
      1/2*(n[d, gs, gv, meff, T, \[Eta]] + 
          n[d, gs, gv, meff, T, \[Eta] - (q*v)/(kb*T)]) == 
       nd, {\[Eta], 

Lkcore[d_, gs_, gv_, meff_, T_, v_, nd_] := 
 1/2*((FD[d/2, \[Eta]S[d, gs, gv, meff, T, v, nd]] + 
      FD[d/2, \[Eta]S[d, gs, gv, meff, T, v, nd] - (q*v)/(kb*T)] - 
      2*FD[d/2, \[Eta]S[d, gs, gv, meff, T, 0, nd]])/(FD[(d - 1)/
       2, \[Eta]S[d, gs, gv, meff, T, v, nd]] - 
      FD[(d - 1)/
       2, \[Eta]S[d, gs, gv, meff, T, v, nd] - (q*v)/(kb*T)])^2); 

Lk0[d_, gs_, gv_, meff_, T_] := (2*\[Pi]*meff*me)/(
  q^2*Nc[d, gs, gv, meff, T]);
Lkall[d_, gs_, gv_, meff_, T_, v_, nd_] := 
  Lk0[d, gs, gv, meff, T]*Lkcore[d, gs, gv, meff, T, v, nd];

LogLinearPlot[Lkall[2, 2, 1, 1, 0.001, 0.1, n2d], {n2d, 10^14, 10^17}]

When I try to plot this function it returns me the following error:

SystemException["MemoryAllocationFailure"] [enter image description here]2

What is it wrong that I am doing? Also, sometimes it does work, but most of the time it doesn't.


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