I have the following ListPlot:

ListPlot[{{1, 3}, {2, 4}, {3, .3}, {4, 6}}, Filling -> Axis, 
FillingStyle -> {Thickness[0.008], Black}, 
LabelStyle -> Directive[20], Frame -> True]


I have a problem with the lines below the points: They are too thin. How to change the Thickness propperly? FillingStyle -> {Thickness[0.008], Black}, seems not to be correct.

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    $\begingroup$ Perhaps try using FillingStyle -> Directive[Thickness[0.008], Black]? This will remove possible ambiguity. $\endgroup$ – chuy Feb 19 '13 at 15:11
  • $\begingroup$ In your case, you do need to use Directive with FillingStyle, but you don't need it for LabelStyle; i.e., FillingStyle -> Directive[Thickness[0.008], Black], LabelStyle -> 30 will work. $\endgroup$ – m_goldberg Feb 19 '13 at 16:21

It is usually a good idea to group multiple "styling" options into a single Directive. This removes any possible ambiguities that can arise. When simply using a list

PlotStyle -> {d1, d2, d3,...} 

this specifies that successive directives di should be used cyclically for successive objects.

using Directive to specify a style


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