I have imported an Excel file, then I did multiplied different numbers with different columns;



PM23= sqrt[(Convert[[All,2]])^2+(Convert[[All,3]])^2];

Now, I want to plot First column with 2, and 3 column separately, So for I have tried;

M = ListLinePlot[Convert[[All, {1, PM23}]], AxesLabel -> {"Qk", "M"}]

But, it didn't work. Any help will appreciated.


See Part. Part takes location indices and PM23 is not a list of indices. Even if it were you syntax would still be incorrect.

You need to construct the two data series, see ListLinePlot. Something like the following show work.

ListLinePlot[Transpose@{Convert[[All, 1]], #} & /@ Transpose@PM23, AxesLabel -> {"Qk", "M"}]

Hope this helps.

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