Sorry if this is easy to find, but I am not able to find it.

When I do ?DSolve and select local help (this is new in V12), the help page that comes up says there are 157 examples. But below it only 2 basic examples are shown.

How does one open or see all 157 examples at once to browse them all? Clicking on Examples only closes the basic examples page.

Mathematica graphics

Is one supposed to manually open each link in the list below and search each looking for these examples?

Now if I select the web version of the help, I see this on https://reference.wolfram.com/language/ref/DSolve.html

Mathematica graphics

And it works. Clicking open all it opens all examples there. I did not count there are 157 ofcourse, but at least all examples are on same page on the web.

How can one view all 157 examples of DSolve in the local help page?

V 12, windows 10.


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Edit -> Select All, then Cell -> Grouping -> Open All Subgroups.

On Mac, Command-A then Shift-Command-{. You can look up the Windows shortcuts in the menu.


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