I need to find the $m^\text{th}$ term for the following expression:

$$ \left.\frac{\partial^m}{\partial t^m}e^{a t^2}\right|_{t=0}$$ I computed first few terms and used mathematica "FindSequenceFunction", which yielded the $m^\text{th}$ term as:

$$ \frac{2^{m-1} \left(1+(-1)^{m}\right) a^{\frac{m}{2}} \Gamma \left(\frac{m+1}{2}\right)}{\sqrt{\pi }}$$

Question 1: Instead of following the above approach, I want to follow a direct approach:

res = D[Exp[a t^2], {t, m}]
res1 = res /. {t -> 0}

The corresponding three outputs are: $$\sqrt{\pi } 2^m t^{-m} \, _2\tilde{F}_2\left(\frac{1}{2},1;\frac{1}{2} (-m-1)+1,1-\frac{m}{2};a t^2\right)$$

$$\frac{\sqrt{\pi } 0^{-m}}{\Gamma \left(\frac{1-m}{2}\right) \Gamma \left(\frac{2-m}{2}\right)}$$ $$\frac{0^{-m}}{\Gamma (1-m)}$$

Since $a$ is not present in the answer, hence it is not correct.

Question 2: Hermite polynomial generating function:

resh = D[Exp[x t - t^2/2], {t, m}]
resh1 = resh /. {t -> 0}

The outputs are: enter image description here

Any suggestion on how to proceed further in this regard will be appreciated.


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You can use SeriesCoefficient:

term[m_] = SeriesCoefficient[m! Exp[a t^2], {t, 0, m}];
term[m] //TeXForm

$\begin{cases} \frac{m! a^{m/2}}{\frac{m}{2}!} & (m \bmod 2)=0\land m\geq 0 \\ 0 & \text{True} \end{cases}$


term /@ Range[6, 10]
Table[D[Exp[a t^2], {t, m}] /. t->0, {m, 6, 10}]

{120 a^3, 0, 1680 a^4, 0, 30240 a^5}

{120 a^3, 0, 1680 a^4, 0, 30240 a^5}


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