I declare a very simple rule.

rule = -x_*Log[a_] :> x*Log[1/a]

Now I give two expressions,

-x Log[d] /. rule

which gives me $x\log(1/d)$ but now if I give

-2 Log[d]/. rule

doesn't give me anything. Same problems for rules don't occur for +ve sign, for instance

rule = x_*Log[a_] + x_*Log[b_]:> x Log[a*b]

works well for constants and functions. Somehow "-" sign is causing problems. Any ideas ?

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    $\begingroup$ Look at the FullForm of your rule and various expressions. $\endgroup$ – chuy May 6 at 20:48
  • $\begingroup$ I did, fullform of the rule is Rule[Times[-1,Log[Pattern[a,Blank[]]],Pattern[x,Blank[]]],Times[x,Log[Power[a,-1]]]] but -2Log[d] is Times[-2,Log[d]]. So is there way to pull out -2 and make it -1 to match the pattern ? $\endgroup$ – Jaswin May 6 at 20:59

I find it is best to keep the left hand side of your rules as simple as possible, so I might write

rule = x_ Log[a_] -> Abs[x] Log[a^Sign[x]]

You need to be careful that your rules are valid for all the values that your variables could take. We can use Assuming to enforce this

Assuming[x > 0, -x Log[d] /. rule // Refine]
(* x Log[1/d] *)

As desired

-2 Log[d] /. rule
(* 2 Log[1/d] *)

We might create more complex rules by applying conditions on the right hand side. For example:

rule2 = u1_*Log[v_] + u2_*Log[w_] :> u2*Log[w/v] /; u1 == -u2;

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