Suppose I have the following data and associated quartiles:

data = RandomReal[{0, 1}, {40, 10}];
qs = Quartiles[data]

I want to make an ErrorListPlot from the quartiles. One approach is

toplot = Around[#[[2]], Differences@#] & /@ qs
ListLinePlot[toplot, IntervalMarkers -> "Fences"]

Is this the currently intended approach?


I assume that making error plots easier was a major consideration behind the move to introduce Around, so I would say that this is the intended way of constructing an error plot now.

I think it addresses two key areas (in terms of plot construction):

  1. Being able to easily add x error, y errors, or both.
  2. Being able to use error bars on Linear-Log, Log-Linear, and Log-Log graphs which was a pain before.

$ $

x = Around[#, RandomReal[{-0.5, 0.5}, 2]] & /@ Range[20];
y = Around[#, RandomReal[{-0.5, 0.5}, 2]] & /@ Range[20];
 {x, y}\[Transpose],
 ScalingFunctions -> {"Log", "Log"}

Log-log plot with error bars.


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