please excuse my bad English, I'm not a native speaker.

This should be fairly simple: Is there a simple way to "reverse" ColorFunction or ColorData?

Let me explain what I mean. Let's say, we have the following plot:

Plot[x, {x, 1, 10}, ColorFunction -> "Rainbow"]

enter image description here

As you can see, the upper part of the plot is colored red, the lower part is colored blue/purple. How do I reverse that? So that the upper part is purple, the lower part red.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

If you're curious why I ask that: I have made this plot showing the number of molecules of three biological substances over time when metabolized by the body.

Image of two plots


To reverse the colours you could try 1-# instead of just # in a pure function passed to ColorFunction. To change how the line segments are coloured, include an exponent as follows.

   Plot[E^{-x, -1.2 x, -2.4 x}, {x, 0, 5},
      ColorFunction -> (ColorData["Rainbow", (1 - #)^e] &),
      PlotRange -> {{0, 5}, {0, 1}}, Frame -> True, ImageSize -> 450,
      FrameLabel -> {"Zeit in Minuten", "Anzahl der Wirkstoffmoleküle"}],
   {{e, 1.0, "Exponent"}, 0, 10, Appearance -> "Labeled"}]

exponential decay


This may be a shorter solution.

Plot[x, {x, 1, 10}, ColorFunction -> ColorData[{"Rainbow", "Reverse"}]]

enter image description here


I have found one possible solution… :)

Plot[x, {x, 1, 10}, ColorFunction -> Function[{x, y}, Reverse@ColorData["Rainbow"][y]]]

Is there a better way?


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