Does anyone know wether it is at all possible to read/modify node data or element data within the batch mode steering procedure of AceFEM?

I'm looking for something like:

htdata = SMT -> NodeData[1, "ht"]

to make use of the numbers (e.g. double in C++) or

SMT -> NodeData[1, "Data", 1]

to even write doubles into the data fields.


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List of input parameters of steering function contains pointers to all data structures. Elements, nodes, etc. C definition of data structures is available in sms.h header file.

  Simulation(SMTStructure* SMT, 
             ElementSpec** ElemSpecs, 
             ElementData** Elements, 
             NodeSpec** NodeSpecs, 
             NodeData** Nodes, 
             int* IData, 
             double* RData) 

You can directly change most of the simulation data. E.g.

Nodes[0] -> X[0] = 5;

would set first coordinate in first node to 5 or

Elements[1000] -> Nodes[5]

gives 6-th node in 1001-th element.


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