Goal and motivation

I want to build something that would intuitively work like:

Graphics @ PaneSelector[{True -> something, False -> {}}, Dynamic @ show]

as opposed to

Graphics @ Dynamic[If[show, something, {}]

The difference is that once PaneSelector is formatted then only information about show needs to travel between Kernel and FrontEnd.

With Dynamic@If[... whole If[...] needs to go back and forth. You can imagine that for large something that is a waste of time and may affect UX.

Ideas and problems

My idea was to build something based on FrontEnd functions:

DynamicBox[FEPrivate`If[x, something, somethingElse]]

And it works in some cases:

  something     = First@ToBoxes@Graphics@Disk[],
  somethingElse = First@ToBoxes@Graphics@Circle[]
 DynamicModule[{x = True},
   Graphics[RawBoxes@DynamicBox[FEPrivate`If[x, something, somethingElse]]]

It does not work when:

  • x is not a DynamicModule variable

    Sometimes you just can't use DynamicModule and want x to be a regular global symbol. Sometimes DynamicModule variables have troubles of updating dynamic so you want to avoid it even if you could use it. So you can see that is a quite limiting factor.

  • x is a nested association.

    Assuming using DynamicModule you can use

    • x = {True} FEPrivate`If[x[[1]],... or
    • x = <|"a"->True|> FEPrivate`If[x["a"],...

    It will work fine but it can't handle:

    • x = <|"a" -> <|"b" -> True|>|> and FEPrivate`If[x["a", "b"],...


My solution is limited to DynamicModule variables which are arrays/lists or 'flat' associations.

Desired solution should work with arbitrary expression similarly to

PaneSelector[{...}, Dynamic @ expression]

If not it should at minimum support global symbols and nested associations.


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