I've noticed a discrepant behaviour between Interpreter and DateList when parsing dates:

DateList[{"2018-11-20 17:04:53.629000", {"Year", "-", "Month", "-", 
   "Day", " ", "Hour", ":", "Minute", ":", "SecondExact"}}]
  DateFormat -> {"Year", "-", "Month", "-", "Day", " ", "Hour", ":", 
    "Minute", ":", "SecondExact"}]["2018-11-20 17:04:53.629000"]
Failure[InterpretationFailure,<|MessageTemplate:>Interpreter::datetimeformat,MessageParameters-><|Format->2019-12-31 00:00:00.000,Input->{2018-11-20 17:04:53.629000}|>,Format->{Year,-,Month,-,Day, ,Hour,:,Minute,:,SecondExact},Input->{2018-11-20 17:04:53.629000},Type->DateTime|>]

Is this normal or a bug in Mathematica?

In particular, I encountered the issue when trying to specify a structured date format within SemanticImport.

This is using Mathematica 12.0.


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