How to show the name of each division and data/values (even customizing the TextStyle for adapt to different sizes) ?. Show all the data, not only when the mouse is over on a region.

Or how to add names and use GeoLabels->True

I tried multiple options with GeoLabes but have no results.

geometry data available at https://we.tl/t-NqBdMYcOSN

geom = Association[Import["Estrada.shp", {"SHP", "Data"}]]["Geometry"] /.Polygon[x_] :> (Polygon[GeoGridPosition[#, "UTMZone29"] & /@ x]);
  values = RandomInteger[20, 51];
parroquiasss = {"Agar", "Aguións", "San Pedro de Ancorados", 
   "Santo Tomé de Ancorados", "Arca", "Arnois", "Baloira", "Barbude", 
   "San Miguel de Barcala", "Barcala", "Berres", "Callobre", 
   "San Miguel de Castro", "Cereixo", "Codeseda", "Cora", "Couso", 
   "Curantes", "A Estrada", "Frades", "Guimarei", "Lagartóns", 
   "Lamas", "Liripio", "Loimil", "Matalobos ", "Moreira", "Nigoi ", 
   "Oca ", "Olives", "Orazo ", "Ouzande", "Parada", "Paradela", 
   "Pardemarí­n", "Remesar", "Ribeira", "Ribela ", "Riobó", "Rubí­n", 
   "Sabucedo", "Santeles", "A Somoza", "Souto", "Tabeirós", "Toedo", 
   "Santo André de Vea", "San Xurxo de Vea", "San Xiao de Vea", 
   "Santa Cristina de Vea", "Vinseiro"};

GeoRegionValuePlot[AssociationThread[geom, values],ImageSize -> Large]

Thanks a lot for Carl Lange for previous help at enter link description here

Loading data from a shapefile

Note1.- I supposse that MAthematica will place in the middle of each region.

Note2.- I think that the mathematica documentacion would be so much helpfull. In gengeral all the help is about info autocontained in Mathematica.


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