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apologies for the title, but I have such a confusion about my question that I haven't been able to formalise a clear title.

My question arise from the "discrepancy" between the results of the following code:

Position[{0, 1/2}, x_ /; x != 0]
Position[{0, 1/Sqrt[2]}, x_ /; x != 0]


{{2, 1}, {2, 2}, {2}}

While I can recover the result by slightly modifying the code:

Position[{0, 1/Sqrt[2]}, x_ /; x != 0,1]


it's still not completely clear what's happening, and if it's supposed to be like that.

Let's see the difference between the two cases:

FullForm@{0, 1/2}
FullForm@{0, 1/Sqrt[2]}



At a first sight, there isn't anything weird happening, but they behave differently. By looking at the second element of the list, I get this:


"Part specification (1/2)[[1]] is longer than depth of object."



In principle, if I have a function I can access it's arguments by indexing:

fun[ind1, ind2][[1]]
fun[ind1, ind2][[2]]



Why I can't access the elements of the first function (Rational[1,2]) but I can access the elements of the second one (Power[2,Rational[-1,2]])?

I've been trying to look at the attributes of the two functions:



{Listable, NumericFunction, OneIdentity, Protected}

But I'm not sure that the answer lies in here...

To sum up my questions:

  1. Is Position supposed to work as I showed in the first piece of code?
  2. Why I can index the arguments of Power, but not of Rational?

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