I don't understand why, but the GraphLayout style "CircularEmbedding" doesn't place the vertices/edges of a Hamiltonian cycle on the circle. Is there any way I can force it to do this? I haven't been able to find an answer online, so any help would be appreciated.

For reference, I'm trying to produce images of some cages where a Hamiltonian cycle is placed on the circle.

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As of Mathematica 11.3, GraphLayout -> "CircularEmbedding" will place the vertices around a circle in the same order as they appear in VertexList[graph].

Thus, you need to reorder the vertices according to the Hamiltonian cycle.


g = GraphData["DodecahedralGraph"];

 FindHamiltonianCycle[g][[1, All, 1]],
 GraphLayout -> "CircularEmbedding"

enter image description here

Now that 12.0 is out in the cloud, it is good to mention that 12.0 requires

GraphLayout -> {"CircularEmbedding", "OptimalOrder" -> False}

In 12.0, vertices are reordered by "CircularEmbedding" to obtain a nicer layout with fewer crossing edges. "OptimalOrder" -> False disabled this reordering so that we can use our own order (in this case the Hamiltonian cycle).

The IGraph/M way of doing it is the following, if you prefer it:

IGLayoutCircle@IGReorderVertices[FindHamiltonianCycle[g][[1, All, 1]], g]

enter image description here

IGReorderVertices will preserve graph properties (including styling) when reordering vertices.


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