How can I retrieve the list of files that were changed in a commit using GitLink?

I can open a repo like this:

repo = GitOpen["~/Repos/GitLink"]

Now I can get the list of commits:

commits = GitRange[repo, "HEAD"];

I can examine the state of the repository at a certain commit using GitExpandTree:


enter image description here

In principle, I could take two commits, expand all subtrees, then check which blobs have a differing "SHA" property. This sounds complicated and I am sure there is a simple, direct way. Unfortunately, I cannot find it.

Note: I know that this could be done by running the external git executable, but I would like to know if it can be done using GitLink directly.


GitLink`Private`gitDiffTrees seems to do the job:

  ToGitObject[repo, "HEAD"]["Tree"],
  ToGitObject[repo, "HEAD^1"]["Tree"]

{ list of files }


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