I'm having troubles preserving automatic pagination provided by Dataset when it is embedded in a Manipulate.

Consider the following toy dataset:

data = Dataset[
  Table[<|"a" -> RandomInteger[10], "b" -> RandomInteger[20], 
    "c" -> RandomChoice[Alphabet[]]|>, 1000]]

creates a nice looking table, with pagination options at the bottom: enter image description here

However, when I'm embedding it in a Manipulate, the pagination disappears:

Dataset`$DatasetTargetRowCount = 10;
 data[Select[#a >= mina && #b <= maxb &]],
 {{mina, 1}, Range[10]},
 {{maxb, 20}, Range[20]}]

enter image description here

Does anyone know how to add it back? The documentation for Dataset mentions symbol $DatasetTargetRowCount (used above), which controls the number of output lines, and there is a whole list of internal symbols that Wolfram One's autocomplete indicate are available (see below), but it's not clear if/how to use them, as they are (obviously) not documented.

Any help (esp. from Wolfram Insiders) is much appreciate. I'm on 11.3 if that matters. And if your advice for me is to patiently wait for version 12, I'm cool with it, too!

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ I discovered that setting Dataset`$DatasetInteractivity to True/False can enable or disable the pagination outside of Manipulate, but it doesn't affect the Manipulate itself. $\endgroup$ – Victor K. Apr 4 '19 at 4:56

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