I am getting output as


How to get rid of the brackets that are appearing in the output?

I want my output as

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    – Szabolcs
    Mar 25 '19 at 10:23

Non-commutative multiplication is by definition associative but not commutative. The minus sign in your formula, which is a regular multiplication with the number $-1$, blocks the automatic application of the associative property. You can see this by using FullForm:

(-T1 ** T2 ** T3) ** T4 ** T5 // FullForm

NonCommutativeMultiply[Times[-1, NonCommutativeMultiply[T1, T2, T3]], T4, T5]

To circumvent this problem you have to state the allowed transformation rules yourself, for example the associativity with regular multiplication by a number:

(-T1 ** T2 ** T3) ** T4 ** T5 /. (u_?NumericQ a_) ** b_ -> u (a ** b)

-T1 ** T2 ** T3 ** T4 ** T5


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