The FullForm of my equation final(obtained from System Modeler) is:

equations = FullForm@final

After copy the plain output, which output:

  Times[2.`, QuantityVariable["fixed1.s0", "Length"], 
   QuantityVariable["spring1.c", "SpringConstant"]], 
  Plus[Times[-2.`, QuantityVariable["sine1.offset", "Unitless"]], 
   Times[QuantityVariable["mass1.L", "Length"], 
    QuantityVariable["spring1.c", "SpringConstant"]], 
   Times[2.`, QuantityVariable["spring1.c", "SpringConstant"], 
    QuantityVariable["spring1.s_rel0", "Length"]], 
   Times[-2.`, QuantityVariable["sine1.amplitude", "Unitless"], 
    Sin[Plus[QuantityVariable["sine1.phase", "Angle"], 
       QuantityVariable["sine1.freqHz", "Frequency"], 
       Plus[t, Times[-1.`, 
         QuantityVariable["sine1.startTime", "Time"]]]]]]], 
   Times[2.`, QuantityVariable["spring1.c", "SpringConstant"], 
    QuantityVariable["mass1.s", "Length"][t]], 
   Times[2.`, QuantityVariable["mass1.m", "Mass"], 
    Derivative[1][QuantityVariable["mass1.v", "Speed"]][t]]]], 
 Equal[Times[QuantityVariable["spring2.c", "SpringConstant"], 
   QuantityVariable["damper1.s_rel", "Length"][t]], 
  Plus[Times[-1.`, QuantityVariable["sine2.offset", "Unitless"]], 
   Times[QuantityVariable["spring2.c", "SpringConstant"], 
    QuantityVariable["spring2.s_rel0", "Length"]], 
   Times[-1.`, QuantityVariable["sine2.amplitude", "Unitless"], 
    Sin[Plus[QuantityVariable["sine2.phase", "Angle"], 
       QuantityVariable["sine2.freqHz", "Frequency"], 
       Plus[t, Times[-1.`, 
         QuantityVariable["sine2.startTime", "Time"]]]]]]], 
    QuantityVariable["damper1.d", "TranslationalDampingConstant"], 
    QuantityVariable["damper1.v_rel", "Speed"][t]], 
   Times[-1.`, QuantityVariable["mass2.m", "Mass"], 
    Derivative[1][QuantityVariable["damper1.v_rel", "Speed"]][t]]]], 
 Equal[QuantityVariable["mass1.v", "Speed"][t], 
  Derivative[1][QuantityVariable["mass1.s", "Length"]][t]], 
 Equal[Derivative[1][QuantityVariable["damper1.s_rel", "Length"]][t], 
  QuantityVariable["damper1.v_rel", "Speed"][t]]]

How could I get all the expressions with a pattern QuantityVariable[var, SI]? Such as QuantityVariable["mass1.L", "Length"].


I have finished it, using: Cases[List @@ planFinal, _QuantityVariable, -1]

Thanks for your attention, thank you, @bills Background

I wish I can solve the simplified differential equations with DSolve.


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  • $\begingroup$ Maybe you could find a simple example where the same problem occurs? $\endgroup$ – bill s Mar 23 at 4:13
  • $\begingroup$ @bills I have edited the original question. Thanks for attention. $\endgroup$ – PureLine Mar 23 at 4:16
expr = ToExpression@TagBox[...]

Cases[FullForm[expr], QuantityVariable[x : _, y : _] :> {x, y}, Infinity]
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    $\begingroup$ Why QuantityVariable[x : _, y : _] and not just QuantityVariable[x_, y_]? $\endgroup$ – J. M. will be back soon Mar 23 at 4:21
  • $\begingroup$ @J.M.isslightlypensive Indeed. $\endgroup$ – Chris Degnen Mar 23 at 4:23

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