In this code the equation comes out with the right size.

acel = Style[
   RowBox[{SuperscriptBox["v", 2], "=", 
     SubsuperscriptBox["v", "0", 2], "+ 2a Δx", 
     " ⟶ ", 
      "a =" FractionBox[SubsuperscriptBox["- v", "0", 2], 
        "2Δx"], Background -> LightBlue]}]], 24, Black, 
  Bold, FontFamily -> "Kalam"]

But this same code inside the OpenerView reduces the size of the equation that is inside the Frame. Why?

OpenerView[{"AAA", Style[acel, 30]}, Method -> "Active"]

Or Simply

OpenerView[{"AAA", acel}, Method -> "Active"]
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    $\begingroup$ Add ScriptLevel->0 to your Style wrapper. $\endgroup$ – Carl Woll Mar 18 at 21:10

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