bunny= Import[ "http://exampledata.wolfram.com/bunny.noff.gz" ]

How can I crop this .noff object to get something similar to the attached photo? The 2nd image has 30% cropped and the last image has 50% cropped.enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ try ClipPlanes: e.g. Graphics3D[bunny[[1]], ClipPlanes -> {-1, 1, 0, 1}]? $\endgroup$ – kglr Mar 18 at 20:09

You can use the undocumented/internal function


That will give you the bounding box for the Graphics3D object. Then, you can just use Show with PlotRange. Cf.:

In[578]:= Charting`get3DPlotRange[bunny]

Out[578]:= {{-81.0932, 81.0932}, {-80.3823, 80.3823}, {-62.851, 62.851}}

Show[bunny, PlotRange -> {All, {0, 80}, {0, 62}}]

enter image description here

This should do what you want, I think. It does seem to be a little finnicky as to how these ranges actually map onto the shape, but a little fiddling should get you where you want to be without much issue. Here's what it looks like with multiple ranges:

GraphicsRow[Show[bunny, PlotRange -> {All, #, All}] & /@ {{-80, 80}, {0, 40}, {0,20}}, ImageSize -> 600]

enter image description here


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