I have this code, and want to extract out just the number. I tried QuantityMagnitude and a transformation rule.

In[1]:= Normal[Classify["Sentiment", "I love this book.", "Probabilities"] 100][[1]]

Out[1]= "Positive" -> 72.8592

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Classify["Sentiment", "I love this book.", "Probabilities"]["Positive"]
(* Out: 0.728592 *)

(* Out: 72.8592 *)

Whenever you have this kind of problem, use FullForm to figure out what you actually have. Start with your statement, assign it a name, and look at the FullForm:

sol = Normal[Classify["Sentiment", "I love this book.", "Probabilities"] 100][[1]]

so you need to extract the number from the Rule. This can be done several ways:

"Positive" /. sol

both return your desired number.


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