I want to have purple dashed line for my stem plot, as is shown here
Figure 0
but when I tried to set the options in ListPlot accordingly

ListPlot[Range[8], Filling -> 4, FillingStyle -> {Purple, Dashed}]

What I get is this Figure 1

ListPlot[Range[8], Filling -> 4, FillingStyle -> {{Purple, Dashed}}]

Figure 2

Can someone please help me with this issue? Thank you!


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ListPlot[Range[8], Filling -> 4, 
 FillingStyle -> Directive[Purple, Dashed]]

enter image description here

FillingStyle >> Details

  • FillingStyle->{ $g_-$, $g_+$} specifies that the filling should be done with $g_-$ when a point, curve or surface lies below the object being filled to, and with $g_+$ when it lies above.
  • Directives can be combined using Directive[$g_1$, $g_2$,…].

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