I'm trying to create Menu Command that selects all cells in a notebook and closes them. I am able to select all the cells but cannot close them. Below is my attempt I placed in an init.m file.

     "Close All Groups", {FrontEnd`KernelExecute[
       SelectionMove[InputNotebook[], All, Notebook]];
       FrontEndToken[InputNotebook[], "SelectionCloseAllGroups"]]},
     FrontEnd`MenuKey["c", FrontEnd`Modifiers -> {"Control"}],
     System`MenuEvaluator -> Automatic

I believe my problem is using the FrontEndToken in the init.m file. I'm not sure how to use them in this case.


Try this instead...

   MenuItem["Close All Groups",
      SelectionMove[InputNotebook[], All, Notebook];
    FrontEnd`MenuKey["c", FrontEnd`Modifiers -> {"Control", "Shift"}],
    System`MenuEvaluator ->Automatic]

I've moved the keyboard accelerator to Control + Shift, mainly for the benefit of Windows and Linux users.

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  • $\begingroup$ This worked. This should help me in the future with frontenstokens in unit.m files. I get lost sometimes with namespaces. $\endgroup$ – Michael McCain Mar 12 '19 at 22:24

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