I want to find the position of letter i in each word of a text. Take their positions and then sum them up. Example, in simplicity, the score will be 2+6+8=16. In this way, I calculate the score for all words and then sum the scores.

I wrote the following codes till now, but unable to combine them.

Data = "Simplicity and Importance are classic and ironic"
Transpose[StringPosition[ToString[Data], "I"]][[1]]
Transpose[StringPosition[ToString[Data], "i"]][[1]]

Please help

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    $\begingroup$ Maybe start with Position[Characters[Data], "i" | "I"] ? $\endgroup$ Feb 27 '19 at 10:20

Transpose[StringPosition[Data, "i", IgnoreCase -> True]][[1]]


You may use StringPosition and StringSplit for this, e.g.

score[string_] := Total[
  (First /@ StringPosition[#, "i"])& /@ StringSplit[string],

defines a score function that does what you asked for. For example:

(* 16 *)

score["Simplicity and Importance are classic and ironic"]
(* 28 *)

You may use ToLowerCase if you wish to count capital "I" as well.


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