I have a function

MinVarGeneralThermal1[T, 5, d]

which yields me the following list:

{{0.00917615, 0.0136892, 0.0204219, 0.0304659, 0.0454498, 0.10115,
 0.225114, 0.335831, 0.150899, 0.0678031}}

As you can see these are not single pairs of entires of the form


which makes it not possible for me to target single entries using a command like

MinVarGeneralThermal1[T, 5, d][[3]]

Is it possible to write a swap command that works something like this

swap[MinVarGeneralThermal1[T, 5, d],{1,3}]

which would essentially swap the first and third entries of the list (for example) ? In the end I want to be able to swap any two entries I want.

Thanks in advance !


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I am not sure that I fully get your problem. You can always access individual elements of the nested list you have, e.g. by using yourList[[1, 3]].

However, this may work for you:

swap[list_List, pair_?(VectorQ[#, IntegerQ] &)] := {Permute[list[[1]], Cycles[{pair}]]}

Here is an example usage on a made-up list:

list = {CharacterRange["a", "g"]}
swap[list, {2, 3}]

(* Out:
{{"a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g"}}
{{"a", "c", "b", "d", "e", "f", "g"}}
sWap[a : {{__}}, pair_] :=  Module[{l = a}, l[[1, pair]] = l[[1, Reverse @ pair]]; l]

MinVarGeneralThermal1[T, 5, d]


sWap[MinVarGeneralThermal1[T, 5, d], {1, 3}]


list = CharacterRange["a", "g"];

SubsetMap[RotateLeft, list, {2, 3}]

{"a", "c", "b", "d", "e", "f", "g"}

To swap more than one element:

SubsetMap[RotateLeft, list, {2, 3, 4}]

{"a", "c", "d", "b", "e", "f", "g"}

If you want to start with the double brackets:

list = {CharacterRange["a", "g"]};

{SubsetMap[RotateLeft, list[[1]], {2, 3}]}

{{"a", "c", "b", "d", "e", "f", "g"}}


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