Data is available from here


dat = Import["MEI-B_LDS1.xlsx", {"Sheets", "Data"}];

I have replaced all N/A to Missing[].

BoxWhiskerChart[{Values[#]}, ChartLegends -> Keys[#]] &@ GroupBy[dat[[2 ;;, {3, 11}]], First -> Last]

No problem. Works fine. enter image description here

But then how to I change the labels so that they are rotated 180 degree under the axis? Like this example

enter image description here

Best I can do is

BoxWhiskerChart[{Values[#]}, ChartLabels -> Placed[Keys[#], Axis]] &@ GroupBy[dat[[2 ;;, {3, 11}]], First -> Last]

enter image description here

Struggling with the rotation due to the use of (nested?) pure functions here.


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Use the pure function Rotate[#, 90 Degree] & as the third argument of Placed:

   ChartLabels -> Placed[Keys@#, Axis, Rotate[#, 90 Degree] &]] &@
 GroupBy[dat[[2 ;;, {3, 11}]], First -> Last]

enter image description here


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