I have copied and pasted some output from a .log file into a mathematica notebook however the resulting output in the notebook contains many whitespaces between lines.

Is there a way to eliminate all whitespaces between characters in the string? I've tried StringReplace/ StringDelete in built routines but as a black box routine only accounts for a user defined number of whitespaces to remove rather than an arbitrary number (this number fluctuating from line to line in my rather long string output).

To be precise, I have something like string1\n\n\n\n\n\nstring2\n\n\nstring3 where \n means a whitespace and the number of whitespaces in principle changes between differing strings. I'd like to write this as string1string2string3

If it's important stringi are combinations of letters,^,*,+,- and [], e.g. string1 = [1/a]^-1*b etc..


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s = "string1\n\n\n\n\n\nstring2\n\n\nstring3";
StringDelete[s, WhitespaceCharacter]



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