I have a Edimax IC-3140W ethernet security camera. It acts as a web host where the video feed can be viewed in a browser. Navigating to its ip address http://ip.ip.ip.ip, it will ask for a password and username and then redirects to http://ip.ip.ip.ip/live.asp?r=nnnnnnnnn.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn which is a web page where the video is in a frame. Right clicking on the video and selecting copy image will copy a frame to the clipboard. Right clicking and selecting "Copy image address" copies the link http://ip.ip.ip.ip/snapshot.cgi. If I view that link in a browser I get the video on a page by itself.

I want to capture a frame of that video in Mathematica. I have a different camera where I use


but that doesn't seem to work with this camera.

I also tried

Dynamic@URLExecute["", {"Username" -> "admin","Password" -> "notmypa$$word"}]

but that returns

   X-CurrentUsers: Too many users
   Content-Length: 0
   Content-Type: text/plain

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