I have asked a similar question before.

In that question I pointed out that the following code does not work:

graph1 = Labeled[Graphics[Circle[{0, 0}]], "Circle"];
graph2 = Labeled[Graphics[Circle[{0, 0}]], "Circle 2"];
Graphics[{graph1, graph2}]

The accepted solution to my question is to use Inset.

But as I pointed out in another post, it's a bit difficult to control the relative sizes of combined graphs.

So here's the question can you turn Labeled[...] into graphics primitives so we can easily combine them?


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labeledToGraphics[tr_: {0, 0}] := # /. 
    Labeled[g_, l_] :> Graphics[Translate[{g[[1]], Text[l, {0, -1.2}, Center]}, tr]] &;

Show[labeledToGraphics[] @ graph1, labeledToGraphics[{2.5, 0}] @ graph2]

enter image description here


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