The four commands





all give wildly different results. None of them are correct (some even showing a different country). I assume that CloudEvaluate[Here] gives the location of the Wolfram Cloud server, but why is that different from the other CloudEvaluate commands?

I wish to create a FormPage in the Wolfram cloud where I can enter some data via my phone, including the phone's current location. How do I access the phone's GPS readings from a Wolfram cloud FormPage?

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This seems to work well, it will ask you to give permissions to access gps data and then our JS will initialize "yourPosition" field with coordinates taken from navigator (see: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_geolocation.asp)

        EmbeddedHTML @ StringJoin[
          "<script>function initYourPosition( position ) { document.getElementsByName('yourPosition')[0].value = ''+position.coords.latitude+','+position.coords.longitude;}</script>"
        , "<script>navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(initYourPosition)</script>"
      , "yourPosition"->"GeoCoordinates"
      , GeoGraphics[{ GeoMarker[#], Inset[#2,#]}& @@@ {
          {FindGeoLocation[$RequesterAddress],"by requester address"},
      ] &
    , CreateUUID["temp/"]
    , Permissions -> "Public"

And the final result after allowing access and submitting:

enter image description here

I found a a Community.wolfram.com post that does even more: Exact GeoPosition from FormFunction but requires a little bigger html+js template.

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