I'd like to import plaintext found within paragraph blocks nested anywhere inside certain div's. Here's a page to try it on:

Import @ "https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/modules/european-union-privacy-law-basics/get-to-know-eu-privacy-law?trail_id=learn-privacy-and-data-protection-law"

I'm trying to extract strings text1, text2, etc. from <p> blocks whenever nested inside any <div>'s of class "unit-content":

... <div class="unit-content"> ... <p> text1 </p> ... <p> text2 </p> ... </div> ...

Is there an easier way than using the nasty 'XML' functions?


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You can use jsoupLink for this:


html = Import[

texts = #["AllText"] & /@ html["Select", ".unit-content p"];

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