I am solving multiple differential equations using ParametricNDSolveValue function. Later, I am plotting these differential equations using plot function inside manipulate function. So, basically I am seeing how the solution to the differential equations are transforming when parameters are being changed. I want to create a different plot for a subset of differential equation. Here is my attempt so far:

Manipulate[Column[{Plot[Evaluate[#[t] & /@ sol[wII, wLI]], {t, 0, 3},
 PlotLegends -> {rAON}, PlotRange -> {0, 25}],
Plot[Evaluate[#[t] & /@ sol[wII, wLI]], {t, 0, 3},
   PlotLegends -> {rL, rP, rI}, PlotRange -> {0, 25}]}],
{{wII, 0.0}, 0.1, 6}, {{wLI, 0.0}, 0.1, 6}]

I am getting two plots using the above code. But both the plots show all the differential equations. I want to see only a subset of them in each plot. So I want to see only rAON top plot and rL, rP and rI in the lower plot. The differential equations satisfied by these variables are in another part of code not provided here.


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