I am relatively new to Mathematica package development. Currently I am trying to migrate a single .m file to a fully grown paclet for future maintainability and currently I am hitting a brick wall:

Is it possible using the Wolfram Workbench (the Eclipse version) to create documentation for multiple languages? At my university, we do not natively speak English, and the target group are fresh students.

From the following link PacletInfo.m documentation project I take away that it is possible to add multiple languages.

My current approach: Manually edit PacletInfo.m to

    Extensions -> 
        {"Documentation", Language -> "English"}, 
        {"Documentation", Language -> "German"}

and copying the folder tree of /Documentation/English/ to /Documentation/German/.

Problem: The Documentation subpage of the PacletInfo.m looks like it only manages the files in the standard folder English/ and furthermore manually copying over a file to German/ReferencePages/Symbols from the English folders doesn't include this "german" docu-file in the build process.

If it isn't currently possible, what are up-to-date alternatives to documentation generation?


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