I'm trying to solve an ODE which independent variable is time, where there is a parameter involved, let's say $\beta$. I need to plot the final solution in terms of $\beta$. The equations, initial conditions and the code I used are \begin{eqnarray} &&\dot{y}=\sin(\beta)\,x^2\\ &&\dot{x}=y\\ &&x(0)=5\\ &&y(0)=\tan(\beta)*x(0) \end{eqnarray}

sol = ParametricNDSolve[{D[y[t], t] == Sin[\[Beta]]*x[t]^2,D[x[t], t] == y[t], x[0] == 5, y[0] == Tan[\[Beta]]*x[0]}, {y,x}, {t, 0, 20}, {\[Beta]}];
 Plot[Evaluate[y[\[Beta]][0.9] /. sol], {\[Beta], 0, 2}]

I used t=0.91

This is the plot of y in terms of $\beta$. Apparently, the solution diverges for some $\beta$ and for each time the graphics changes. How can I stop the integration when x or y grows too much, let's say 2000, save the time that it happens and then plot the final solution in terms of $\beta$ in this certain time?


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