I want to make such changes: $(A\, p + B\, q)[i] \to A\, p[i]+B\, q[i]$

But the replacement below can not do this

(A p + B q)[i] /. {(x_[y_]) -> ((x) /.{p -> p[y],q->q[y]})}

Why is this not working and how to realize this kind of changes?



Your transformation rule won't work because the RHS of a rule will evaluate immediately. Thus,

{(x_[y_]) -> ((x) /.{p -> p[y],q->q[y]})}

is equivalent to {x_[y_] -> x}.

As to how to do what you want, you can use RuleDelayed if you want to keep the same pattern.

(A p + B q)[i] /. {(x_[y_]) :> ((x) /.{p -> p[y],q->q[y]})}
(* A p[i] + B q[i] *)

There's lots of other ways to do this also. Here's one of them using Through, which distributes operators.

Through[(A p + B q)[i]] /. (x_*y_)[z_] -> x*y[z]
(* A p[i] + B q[i] *)

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