I'm trying to solve a differential equation which solution is in the form of Bessel functions. One of the boundary conditions is at infinity. I use:

\[Psi][R_] = \[Psi][R] /. DSolve[{\[Psi]''[R] + (Derivative[1][\[Psi]][R])/
    R - \[Kappa]^2 \[Psi][R] == 0, \[Psi][a/2] == 
  Psi0, \[Psi][M] == 0}, \[Psi][R], R][[1]]Limit[\[Psi][R], M -> Infinity]Simplify[%, {r > 0 && \[Kappa] > 0 && a > 0 && Psi0 \[Element] Reals}]

And obtain: Problem

How can I obtain the solution of my problem overpassing the time limit?

  • $\begingroup$ With Maple I have a simple answer: \[Psi][R] =(Psi0 BesselK[0, k R])/BesselK[0, (a k)/2] $\endgroup$ – Mariusz Iwaniuk Jan 9 at 20:16
  • $\begingroup$ Could you print here your system info. I am getting a Recursion Limit error and not reproducing your resulted time limit error. $\endgroup$ – Jose Enrique Calderon Jan 10 at 9:09

Change the order of execution.

ψ[R_] = ψ[R] /. 
  DSolve[{ψ''[R] + (Derivative[1][ψ][R])/ R - κ^2 ψ[R] == 0, ψ[a/2] == Psi0, ψ[M] == 0}, ψ[R], R][[1]]

$Assumptions = 
 r > 0 && κ > 0 && a > 0 && Psi0 ∈ Reals && M > 0 && R > 0

ψ[R_] = FullSimplify[ψ[R]]  

(*(Psi0 (BesselI[0, M κ] BesselK[0, R κ] - BesselK[0, M κ] BesselI[0, R κ]))/( BesselK[0, (a κ)/2] BesselI[0, M κ] - 
 BesselI[0, (a κ)/2] BesselK[0, M κ])*)

Limit[ψ[R], M -> ∞]
(*(Psi0 BesselK[0, R κ])/BesselK[0, (a κ)/2]*)

TimeConstraint helps to increase the time limit spent on Simplify operation. In case this is just a computation time issue and not an algorithmic one, this would help.



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