Given the Probability Distribution

pdf=ProbabilityDistribution[2*(x1 - x2)*
  E^((-(x1*(3*x1 - x2)) - x2*(-x1 + 3*x2))/2)*
  Sqrt[2/Pi], {x1, -Infinity, Infinity}, 
 {x2, -Infinity, x1}];

Note the Boundary on x2.


I would like to compute the Characteristic Function of this PDF.


 CF=CharacteristicFunction[pdf, {y1, y2}]

seems to take forever before crashing the kernel.

Note: these math.SE posts link1 and link are of interest.

The purpose of knowing this Characteristic Function is to compute symbolically the matrix of scalar products involved in this question.


With the substitutions $a=(x_1+x_2)/2$ and $b=(x_1-x_2)/2$, giving $x_1=a+b$ and $x_2=a-b$, the characteristic function $\langle e^{i(x_1t_1+x_2t_1)}\rangle$ is

Integrate[E^(I((a+b)t1+(a-b)t2)) * 2 *4*b*E^(-2(a^2+2b^2))Sqrt[2/π],
  {a, -∞, ∞}, {b, 0, ∞}]

which evaluates in a few seconds.

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks a lot! I should have thought about this. Its puzzling why Mathematica doesn't try such transformations though. $\endgroup$
    – chris
    Jan 9 '19 at 13:49

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