I am trying to create an $ n \times n $ matrix, which has cosine terms. I would like to select the values of the arguments of cosine terms from a random set of values that I have generated. My code looks as follows:

angles = RandomChoice[ RandomReal[{0, 2 Pi}, 2], {2, 3}]

M = Table[If[i == j, 0, Cos[x[i] - x[j]]], {i, 3}, {j, 3}]

I think DistanceMatrix constructive here. Consider this:

DistanceMatrix[#, DistanceFunction -> Cos@*Subtract] - IdentityMatrix[Length[#]] & /@ angles
  • $\begingroup$ I am looking for a generation of a tridiagonal matrix, with off-diagonal terms as functions of x[i]'s like the ones from distance function you've used. $\endgroup$ – EverydayFoolish Jan 8 at 6:49

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