I would like to export the round loss during my model training for each training round. Currently, I am using the way shown in the Documentation Center around TrainingProgressFunction and PutAppend:

logFile = CreateTemporary[];
appendToLog = PutAppend[<|"Loss" -> #RoundLoss|>, logFile] &;
(*I have skipped the "Batch" -> #AbsoluteBatch output*)
trainingData = {#1, #2} -> {#1 + Sin[#1*#2]} & @@@ 
RandomReal[{-1, 1}, {50000, 2}];
NetChain[{1000, Tanh, 1}, "Input" -> 2],trainingData, MaxTrainingRounds->10, 
TrainingProgressFunction -> appendToLog];
(*I am training for 10 rounds*)

Despite the fact that I am training for 10 rounds, the log file consists of 9 entries, the last round loss is omitted

logDataLength = Length[ReadList[logFile]]

Is there any alternative way to include also the last output? I can create a function appending the last output to the already existing list, but if I want to export for each and every round the weights and the biases of a large neural network (e.g. in total 15,000) this becomes quiet cumbersome.


  • $\begingroup$ I haven't tried this, but perhaps TrainingProgressFunction -> {appendToLog, "Interval"->Quantity[1,"Rounds"] or more likely TrainingProgressFunction -> {appendToLog, "Interval"->Quantity[.999,"Rounds"] would work? $\endgroup$ – Carl Lange Jan 7 at 11:40
  • $\begingroup$ TrainingProgressFunction -> {appendToLog, "Interval" -> Quantity[1, "Rounds"]} appears to work correctly. $\endgroup$ – Carl Lange Jan 7 at 11:43
  • $\begingroup$ @Carl, thanks a lot! However, I still get only 9 entries instead of 10 (11.1.1 for Mac OS X x86 (64-bit)). If I use "Interval"->Quantity[.999,"Rounds"] then the first entry, for the first iteration, is None. $\endgroup$ – demm Jan 7 at 13:46
  • $\begingroup$ I ended up having better luck with Quantity[.99,"Rounds"], but that approach kind of sucks anyway. I'm on 11.3 with no issue for Quantity[1,"Rounds"]. Potentially you could set BatchSize and do Quantity[batchsize-1,"Batches"]? $\endgroup$ – Carl Lange Jan 7 at 13:51
  • $\begingroup$ Another way to do this (only available after training) is using the third argument to NetTrain. nto = NetTrain[NetChain[{1000, Tanh, 1}, "Input" -> 2], trainingData, All, MaxTrainingRounds -> 10] and then nto["RoundLossList"]. $\endgroup$ – Carl Lange Jan 7 at 13:53

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