I have black-and white picture like this enter image description here Can anyone tell me is it possible to calculate surface that black color occupies in this picture, so I know what's the percentage that black color has in whole picture.

  • What have you tried? – C. E. yesterday
  • Maybe ImageMeasurements[] and if not then ImageData[] – Michael E2 yesterday
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    Nitpick: you don't seek a surface (like a hyperboloid of one sheet), but an area (like 1.2 square millimetres). – Andreas Rejbrand yesterday
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After reading Michael E2's answer, I realized that one can simply do

1 - Mean[img]


There are several other solutions as well. There is a function called ImageLevels that counts the channels:

img = Import["https://i.stack.imgur.com/PdMDk.png"];
levels = ImageLevels[img]

{{0, 521982}, {1, 4393218}}

levels[[1, 2]]/(levels[[1, 2]] + levels[[2, 2]]) // N


One could also use

neg = ColorNegate[img];
Total[neg, 2]/(Total[img, 2] + Total[neg, 2])



{w, h} = ImageDimensions[img];
1 - Total[img, 2]/(w h)


One could also explicitly get the matrix of image pixels:

pixels = Flatten@ImageData[img];
1 - Total[pixels]/Length[pixels] // N


Just use ImageHistogram with two levels:

ImageHistogram[myImage,2, FrameTicks->True]

enter image description here


Dimensions[SplitBy[ImageData[myImage], First]][[2;;3]]


{886, 1342}


  • So the percentage of black color is (886/1342)*100% – Cro Simpson2.0 yesterday

For a binary image:

img = Import["https://i.stack.imgur.com/PdMDk.png"];
1 - ImageMeasurements[img, "MeanIntensity"]
(*  0.106198  *)
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    Thanks to this I realized that 1 - Mean[img] works... – C. E. yesterday
  • @C.E. Cool. I didn't know that. – Michael E2 yesterday

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