I would like to recreate this animation of a black hole made by wavegrover, also seen in this Quanta article:

enter image description here

I’m not sure what 3D function this is, but being able to plot a static version of it would be a helpful start. Sorry I can’t provide any more info - there are a lot of these style questions that yield great answers!!

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    No source, no code, no idea how it could work. A nice GIF and that's it. Sorry, but it's simply not enough to be a good question. Look at the dots carefully. See how they oscillate and notice that the pattern forms a spiral. Try to present some preliminary work or ideas. Maybe you can start with where this image comes from. – halirutan 2 days ago
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    @Kuba Yup, in fact, it is the same person who made both: worries-bin, drop in the ocean – C. E. yesterday
  • Seems like a good question! – M.R. 21 hours ago

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