Quick question: has anybody produced (and/or willing to produce and share) a nice celestial sphere with some stars and/or constellations? I am traveling , so I cannot do it myself right now, but I would get the coord. of the 10 brightest stars and/or some constellation data from W/A and then put them on a sphere together with some ref. points/circles (equator, ect).


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I'll just show you how to put visible stars on a sphere in proportion to their "ApparentMagnitude".

data = EntityValue[
   EntityClass["Star", "NakedEyeStar"], {"RightAscension", 
    "Declination", "ApparentMagnitude"}];

t = With[{m = 
     MinMax[data[[All, 3]]]}, {-QuantityMagnitude[#[[1]], "Radians"], 
      QuantityMagnitude[#[[2]], "Radians"], 
      Rescale[Round[#[[3]]], m, {1, .1}]} & /@ data];
g = GatherBy[t, #[[3]] &];
s = With[{r = 1}, {PointSize[#[[1, 3]]*.01], 
      Point[{-r Cos[#[[1]]] Sin[#[[2]] + Pi/2], 
          r Sin[#[[1]]] Sin[#[[2]] + Pi/2], -r Cos[#[[2]] + 
             Pi/2]} & /@ #]}] & /@ g;
Graphics3D[{{Yellow, s}, {Blue, Opacity[0.75] , Sphere[{0, 0, 0}]}}, 
 Boxed -> False]


  • $\begingroup$ Very nice, thank you Alex. $\endgroup$
    – magma
    Commented Dec 2, 2018 at 11:52

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