I'm trying to plot a map with a list of destinations as Disks.

I first input the cities into a list such as:

destinations = {GeoPosition[New York City],

where "New York City" is input using the Ctrl+= method to access interpreter and specify it as a city.

Then I have something summarizing to:

Disk[For[i=1, i<Length[destinations]+1,i++,destinations[[i]],1],

This outputs a map with my desired projection settings such as background, range, and the single disk that I specified separately like:


I have also tried to put the Disk function inside a for loop like:

For[i=1, i<Length[destinations]+1,i++,Disk[destinations[[i]],1]],

It's not an incorrect indexing of the destinations list either, because

For[i=1, i<Length[destinations]+1,i++,Print[destinations[[i]]]]

outputs the correct amount of cities, whereas

For[i=0, i<Length[destinations],i++,Print[destinations[[i]]]]

outputs a first item of "List" and doesn't print the last city.

Is it possible to use for loops within a GeoGraphics function, or would I be required to add a Disk function line for each item I would like to plot instead of iterating through a list?

Thanks in advance for the help!


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You don't need For loops.

Instead you can Map Disk on destinations; that is, use Disk /@ destinations (Disk[#, 5]& /@ destinations if you want a radius of 5 instead of the default radius 1).

cities = {Entity["City", {"NewYork", "NewYork", "UnitedStates"}], 
    Entity["City", {"London", "GreaterLondon", "UnitedKingdom"}], 
    Entity["City", {"Bombay", "Maharashtra", "India"}], 
    Entity["City", {"Delhi", "Delhi", "India"}]};
destinations = GeoPosition /@ cities;

GeoGraphics[{Black, Disk /@ destinations}]

enter image description here

Notes: If you have to use a For loop you can do:

disks = {}; 
For[i = 1, i <= Length[destinations], i++, AppendTo[disks, Disk[destinations[[i]]]]];
GeoGraphics[{Black, disks}]

same picture

Alternatively, you can use Table:

Table[Disk[i], {i, destinations}] == disks


and if you have to use a For loop inside GeoGraphics

GeoGraphics[{Black, disks = {}; 
  For[i = 1, i <= Length[destinations], i++, 
   AppendTo[disks, Disk[destinations[[i]]]]]; disks}]

same picture

  • $\begingroup$ Yes, this works perfectly thank you! $\endgroup$ Nov 29, 2018 at 22:07

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