When you use a slider control for any kind of list plots slider should only take integer values and I can specify that with start point and end with step size. However, you can expand the slider and enter a value there such as 4.1. This will cause a failure because the list index can only be integer (shown in the figure). I have a solution (tricky one) but I was wondering if there is a way to avoid expending the slider controls.

enter image description here

My solution

    h[x_, y_] := Sin[2 x + y] Cos[2 y x] ;
    xabs = {0, 10., 0.5};
    yabs = {0, 10., 0.5};
    data = Table[
    Evaluate@N[h[x, y]], {x, xabs[[1]], xabs[[2]], xabs[[3]]}, {y, 
    yabs[[1]], yabs[[2]], yabs[[3]]}];
    Manipulate[ListLinePlot[data[[All, Round[i]]]], 
    Control[{{i, 1, 
    Row[{Style["y position: ", Blue, 12, Bold], 
    Style[(Round[i]*yabs[[3]]) - yabs[[3]], Red, 12]}], 
    ImageSize -> {110, 45}]}, 1, 10, 1}]]

My solution is to use Round[] both data and also in the Panel. Is there a way, not to allow to expand the slider control? This way the user can't use any other value than allowed.


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