If I create a legend panel with a label which includes the new line escape character "\n", e.g.

leg = SwatchLegend[{Red, Green, Blue}, 
{"red", "green", 
  LegendFunction -> (Framed[#, FrameStyle -> Thick] &),
  LegendMargins -> 5]

enter image description here

All of the text is aligned to the left, however, when The object is included in another graphic using Epilog->Inset[..]The alignment of the label containing "\n" is now raggedly centred.

tri = Graphics[{Thick, 
    Line[{{0, 0}, {100, 0}, {0.5*100, (Sqrt[3]/2)*100}, {0, 0}}]}];

Show[tri, Epilog -> Inset[leg, Scaled[{0.84, 0.74}]]]

Plot[2 Sin[x] - x, {x, 0, 6 Pi}, Frame -> True, 
 Epilog -> Inset[leg, Scaled[{0.8, 0.74}]]]

enter image description here

I've tried using Alignment->Left to no avail. While the SwatchLegend contains graphic elements it is not a Graphics object. Clearly something changes when it is placed with Inset.

Any suggestions on why this is happening? Is there a better way to convert it to a graphic before embedding it in Epilog?


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Adding the option Alignment -> Left to Inset fixes the issue:

Row[{Show[tri, Epilog ->
   Inset[leg, Scaled[{0.84, 0.74}], Alignment -> Left], ImageSize -> 400],
  Plot[2 Sin[x] - x, {x, 0, 6 Pi}, Frame -> True, 
   Epilog -> Inset[leg, Scaled[{0.8, 0.74}], Alignment -> Left],  ImageSize -> 400]}]

enter image description here


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