I work with BoxWhiskerCharts at the moment. They code looks like this:

data = RandomInteger[5, 50];
chart = BoxWhiskerChart[{data},
{{"MedianMarker", 1, Black},{"MeanMarker", 1, White}, {"Outliers"}},
ChartLabels -> Placed[{"data"}, Above]]

Now I would like to label the whiskers, both markers (mean and median), and the minimum/maximum of the box with the corresponding values. In the end it should look similar to this (quick and dirty) Excel example:

enter image description here

What I want is circled red in the picture. I do not need to label each and every data point. How can I accomplish that with Mathematica?


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You can use a custom ChartElementFunction to add labels at desired positions:

cef[df_: "BoxWhisker"][off_: 5] := Module[{x = #[[1]],
   q = Quartiles @ #2, m = Round[Mean @ #2, .1], minmax = MinMax@#2}, 
 {ChartElementDataFunction[df][##], Darker @ Charting`ChartStyleInformation["Color"], 
  FontWeight -> Bold, FontSize -> Medium, 
  Text[m, Offset[{-off, 0}, {x[[1]], m}], {1, 0}], 
  Text[#, Offset[{off, 0}, {x[[2]], #}], {-1, 0}] & /@ q, 
  Text[#, Offset[{-off, 0}, {x[[2]], #}], {-1, 0}] & /@ minmax}] &


BoxWhiskerChart[{data}, {{"MedianMarker", 1, Black}, {"MeanMarker", 1,
    White}, {"Outliers"}}, ChartElementFunction -> cef[][]]

enter image description here

BoxWhiskerChart[{{data, 1 + data}, {2 + data, 3 + data}},
 {{"MedianMarker", 1, Black}, {"MeanMarker", 1, White}, {"Outliers"}}, 
 ChartElementFunction -> cef["GlassBoxWhisker"][],  BarSpacing -> {Large, Large}]

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you, that works like a charm. Quick note for other users like me since it took me some minutes: of course you have to adjust the rounding parameter (m = Round[Mean @ #2, .1]) to your data. Im working with quite small numbers which made it look like it is messing with the plot range. $\endgroup$
    – phoenix-bs
    Commented Nov 25, 2018 at 20:53

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