I have a black and white .tiff file of a beam spot:

Beam profile

I am trying to characterize the source in a Monte Carlo program, to do this I want to convert the image into a 3D Histogram with controllable bin size.

Haven't been able to figure out how to convert the image data to match Histogram3D[] input parameters, closest I've gotten so far are 3D plots using:

ListPlot3D[Reverse@ImageData@RemoveAlphaChannel@ColorConvert[beam1, "Grayscale"], AxesLabel -> {"x", "y", "intensity"}, PlotRange -> All]

Any pointers on how to go about this? Thanks!

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Method 1: Histogram3D

Import and clean the image:

i = Import["https://i.stack.imgur.com/uGWn6.jpg"];
i = RemoveAlphaChannel@ColorConvert[i, "Grayscale"]

Histogram3D looks at the number of points in the bins, but that is uniform for an image as indexes of pixels are uniform. So I guess besides that you want data weighted by pixel values:


Now you can bin in a custom way:

Histogram3D[dataW, {50, 60}, ColorFunction -> "Rainbow"]

enter image description here

With a little bit of style you can get it looking quite any way you want:


enter image description here

Method 2: ListPlot3D

You could achieve a similar result differently, in a bit hack-ish way. Define data as:

data = ImageData[ImageResize[i, {30, 30}]];

so ImageResize spec 30x30 gives effective number of bins in X and Y directions. Resizing an image is effectively binning (in your specific case).


enter image description here

Add another data processing method

    data = ImageData[im1];
    dim = Dimensions[data];
    A = Flatten[
       Table[{i, j}, {i, dim[[2]]}, {j, dim[[1]]}, {k, 
         PixelValue[im1, {i, j}, "Byte"]}], 2];

Histogram3D[A, {{.5}, {2}}, ColorFunction -> Hue]


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