Suppose that I have two different license servers, and I would like Mathematica to attempt to authenticate with server A (say, at lm01.institution.edu) first, and if that one doesn't have any licenses left then to go to server B (say, at lm02.institution.edu).

If I understand correctly, on a standard installation on linux this can be achieved by making sure that the file ~/.Mathematica/Licensing/mathpass reads


in that order. However, I'm less sure how to do that configuration on Windows: I ran SystemOpen[$UserBaseDirectory] and it successfully opened a Mathematica directory with a Licensing folder inside it, but there was nothing in that folder. What is the equivalent procedure on Windows, then?

(And, while we're here, if the MacOS procedure differs from the linux way to do this, it'd probably be great if people can note it here as well.)

  • $\begingroup$ $PasswordFile should point there and it does for me. $\endgroup$ – Kuba Nov 15 '18 at 12:36

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