I have an excel file with two Columns and 28664 Rows. Columns are Fuel and Power. I want to create a summary in a table of the total Power of each Fuel type. In other words, I want the Total for each fuel type. I started using Transpose to create a list containing each Fuel cell with its corresponding Power but I'm really stuck at this point. How can I create this summary?


enter image description here

data = Import[FileNameJoin[{NotebookDirectory[], "workbook1.xlsx"}], {"Data", 1}]

blank entries may be imported as empty strings so:

data[[All, 2]] = data[[All, 2]] /. _String -> 0;


GroupBy[data, First -> Last, Total] 
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! How can I put that output on a table or barchart? $\endgroup$ – guasabito Nov 5 '18 at 3:57
  • $\begingroup$ Please at least try something before asking. BarChart[GroupBy[data, First -> Last, Total]] ???? $\endgroup$ – Mike Honeychurch Nov 5 '18 at 7:39
fuels = {"Coal", "Gas", "Hydro", "Nuclear", "Oil", "Other", "Wind"};

n = 50;

Generate random test data and Export as Excel document


  Transpose[{RandomChoice[fuels, n], RandomReal[{0, 5000}, n]}]];

You are starting here. Import data from Excel document

data = Import["data.xls"][[1]];

Total by fuel EDIT: Added clean-up for blank values (issue identified by Mike Honeychurch)

summary = Sort[{#[[1, 1]], Total[#[[All, 2]]]} & /@ GatherBy[data, First]]/. 
  Plus[x_?NumericQ, _. * _String] :> x

(* {{"Coal", 14230.6}, {"Gas", 11889.7}, {"Hydro", 20580.6}, {"Nuclear", 
  13221.4}, {"Oil", 14643.9}, {"Other", 17112.9}, {"Wind", 15121.8}} *)

EDIT 2: Added table

summary // Prepend[#, Style[#, Bold, 14] & /@ {"Fuel", "Power"}] & // 
 Grid[#, Frame -> All] &

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! How can I put that output on a table? $\endgroup$ – guasabito Nov 5 '18 at 4:04
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! Everything worked perfectly. $\endgroup$ – guasabito Nov 5 '18 at 4:38

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