Wolfram Workbench 3* Eclipse (2018-09), Windows 10, MMA [New Eclipse & Workbench installations & this is the 1st test]

(* I can no longer find a version ref, all I know for certain is Wolfram Workbench Core & webMathematica versions are 10.1.822; installed per instructions on support site here)

Wolfram Workbench implies it can import existing notebooks to a project; reality begs to differ.

Problems so far:

  1. The import (File...Import...Wolfram... Code from a File) wizard presents an unexplained option of no obvious effect - "Keep Linear Syntax". This is referenced in Wolfram documentation as an index heading "Lin" but in the section referenced (Input Syntax) there is no mention of it.
  2. If I choose to import to .m file (importing only initialisation cells) only 10 lines of code appear for the 50+ initialisation cells that actually exist. Line breaks seem to have become "?" (even though the convert line delimiters remains Windows (default) as do right arrows ("->") in option specifications. The result is therefore both incomplete and syntactically incorrect (and useless)

One example of a mangled initialisation cell...

sqlServerDeveloper = {"SQLDEVELOPER", 11235,"SQLDEVELOPER"}; (* Server, Port, Instance Name*)?sqlServerExpress ={"SQLEXPRESS", 55514,"SQLEXPRESS"};?activeSQLServer = sqlServerDeveloper;?sqlServerNameIdx = 1;?sqlServerPortIdx = 2;?sqlServerInstanceIdx =Length[activeSQLServer];?activeSQLServerIP[server_List] := "localhost:" <> ToString[server[3]];?activeSQLServerString[ server_List] := "\\LOTAN\\" <> server[2];?activeSQLServerInstance[server_List] := server[[sqlServerInstanceIdx]];


  1. How can one import existing notebooks correctly and completely into a workbench project as anything other than a notebook... or is that NOT what import is for at all?
  2. What is this "Linear Syntax", and should I keep it on import or not?

Update 28/10/2018:

Linear syntax is a computer-programming term for an expression that can be parsed from left to right. Linear syntax implies the ability to write code without the use of line-feed or carriage-return characters. Although the use of such characters is recommended for code readability, they are optional, as compilers do not rely on them to parse and compile the code. See Semantic Scholar

Imports performed with "Keep Linear Syntax" checked & unchecked produced identical text. Purpose/intended effect still unknown, and, since MMA syntax is linear syntax, I don't know how it could not be kept.


The observed behaviour is clearly unacceptable, so the setup must be misbehaving as a result of config issues beyond Wolfram's control, or PEBKAC, or...? Which? What? Why? Ideas?


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